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best autism treatment in kerala

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In this fun, interactive programme, the children get an opportunity to develop social skills for school and everyday life, make friends, talk about feelings and a range of other socially appropriate skills. The programme simulates an inclusive classroom set up. Both typically developing children and those with autism learn the skills through role modelling, visuals, power point presentations, etc. together. Being a programme that focuses on social skills training, it involves an active participation and interaction of all the children involved.


Therapy Program is designed to improve socialization in children ages 3 to 4 years. Individual goals are addressed for children who have expressive language delays and may have receptive delays and/or difficulty with speech sounds secondary to other disorders.Participants learn by doing, talking and acting on objects in an interactive learning environment that is communication based, activity-based, language rich and literacy rich


It is a therapeutic program designed for children ages 3 to 5 years with Socialization and communication difficulties. In a group setting, children receive intensive intervention and participate in developmentally appropriate activities to enhance play skills, pragmatic skills and socially appropriate behaviours. The goal create a natural environment through which children can improve communication abilities with adults and same-age peers in order to prepare themselves to be successful in mainstream preschool or kindergarten classrooms.


A small-group therapy program for children with social communication impairments who are preparing to join kindergarten or first grade or second grade. The program is designed to facilitate social communication, play skills, group interaction and school readiness. Speech-language pathologists develop individualized plans to teach important skills in the practical use of language. Organized games and collaborative play provide the context for practice of social communication skills

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