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best speech disorder treatment in kottayam

Catalyst was born on 07-07-17

Center For Speech Therapy

We act as a Catalyst for rehabilitating individuals with Communication Disorders and help them communicate throughout their life. We provide a program that meets the academic, physical, social, behavioral, and emotional needs of every individual so that each one has equal opportunities to succeed and become a contributing member of society. We follow the principles of active learning which is in conjunction with Evidence based practice, focusing on individual’s experiences and interests.

Catalyst discovered long ago the secret to the most meaningful communication is creating a strong, meaningful patient-therapist bond. This bond includes caregivers and family. Hence we encourage parents/caregivers to participate in therapy. Here we provide education and teach families to become true partners in therapy. From the moment you enter the catalyst to the last day of treatment, we will all be focused your child’s therapy success. Our inspiration is you or your child’s success


  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Developmental Education


Initial consultations are scheduled prior to beginning individual or group treatment, and are appropriate when families have already obtained a formal assessment and report with recommendations. Consultations can last from 1-3 hours depending on case complexity. Consultation services may include: review of prior reports, parent interview, communication with other professionals/teachers, and meeting with child/client. Recommendations for treatment or for further diagnostic assessment are provided according to the evaluation results.



  • We provide one-on-one therapeutic intervention and group interactive sessions for children and adults with communication disorders
  • Therapy will begin after a detailed evaluation and preparation of baseline profile and therapy plan.
  • Therapy activities will centre on functional and contextual activities to improve skills and facilitate generalization to home, work and community environments


Catalyst Intervention Program

focus on developing the following skills

best speech disorder treatment in kochiAttention

language pathologists in keralaPlay skills

language pathologists in kochiCognition

speech pathologists in keralaCommunication

speech pathologists in kottayamBalance strength & coordination

development delay treatment in keralaSocialization

development delay treatment in kochiPre-Academic skills

oral motor in keralaPhysical Motor skills

oral motor in kottayamSensory integration

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